Project Carbonation


    So I love carbonated water - I mean love it. So lets optimize acquiring it.

Lets carbonate for cheap!

We all love fizzy water, carbonated water. And the popularity of home carbonators sure has helped people throw out less plastic bottles. But my goodness are they taking a ton of your money!! Lets learn about carbonated water, so we can learn how they screw us.

What is Fizzy Water?

Fizzy water is just water that has shared a space (usually a bottle) with carbon dioxide for a while, using science. The carbon dioxide (c02) soaks into the water, and when you drink it it makes little bubbles pop on your tongue, and that's nice. This is called carbonation, and beer has it too (naturally occuring) and so does soda pop (artificial)


Why is swapping c02 bottles at the supermarket a ripoff?

Most major home carbonators do swappa bottles at supermarkets. You buy the bottle for $50 or so, and when it's empy (5-7 days in my house) you swap it for a fresh one for $20 or so. These bottles hold 400gm of c02, which means they are selling c02 for $50 per kg. Just for comparison, with my gas supplier (not including monthy rental and the other gas I have through them to earn such competative prices) I pay $0.80 per kg for food grade c02.

You read that right, a simple home gamer buying in small quantities from an industrial supploer pays over 6000% less than buying at the supermarket.

What's the deal then?

I have developed and built an adapter to use my big tank of cheap c02 to refill home carbonation bottles. If you are like me, and drink heaps of soda water because it's yum, but also hate paying so much to do it - then I have an offer for you!

Ok how much?

(Friends and family only)

Refill - $10


Refill available at my home, in Kensington Victoria to invitee's. Not available to the general public. Bring as many bottles as you want, and meet my twin baby boys while you're here.